The benefits of an affiliate partner with Warri Market

Affiliate marketing is a great income generator. In terms of making money online, it is definitely the fastest, most reliable, and consistent in making you profits. Some people have even turned it into their very own home-based business and rely on it for steady and good income for a living.

You need to work on it so it can work for you. However, if you do it right, it can generate money for you for a very long time because your links are always there in your content.

People who get on board with affiliate marketing knows there are benefits and that’s why they do it. Here are the top six  benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer:

  1. Your initial investment is zero naira
  2. Little to no operating costs except your internet data
  3. Make money while you sleep
  4. How the product is supply is not your business
  5. The income that keeps on giving
  6. It help you save your income, why it takes care of your expenses
  7. No risk involve

Affiliate Work Flow Example

This works by REWARDING YOU POINTS (1Points = 1Naira)

1. Register for your Affiliate account and Earn free 200 points instantly

2. Login into your account (One account is used for both Affiliates and customers)

3. Affiliate Benefits:
b. Affiliates earn from 3% to 5% per product sales. Which is calculated at cart total
c. Affiliate of the month wins a gift voucher of N5,000. This can be converted to 5,000 poinits
d. Affiliate can convert points to cash, using the cash back form in the account.

4. How to locate your affiliate link
a. Login to your account, under Referrel link, you a link that looks like e.g
b. Copy the link to a save place for quick sharing to your referrals.

5. How to place order with your Affiliate link to earn more points
a. You must open a different browser separately from the browser where you login to your affiliate account, or log out from your affiliate account
b. Paste your Affiliate link that you copied in step 4b and paste it on the browser, and hit enter on the keyboard. This will open Warri Market website
c. Select the products you want to either share to social media (using the social media button on the single product page) or order the product for your refferal, or send the product link to them to order themselves.

6. Check your Affiliate account after order has moved from processing to complete, and your earned points commission will appear in your account

7. Note1: Not all products have points. You get to see the products that has points by viewing their category from the menu.

8. Note2: Customers also receive points without using referral link, but the percentage is smaller e.g 1.5%, while referral is 3% minimum.

9. Note3: The calculated reward points (1.5%) on the site for sales products are for customers

10. You get paid every Friday of the week

11. Lastly, get another extra 150 points by following us on Instagram, and another 150 points by following us on Facebook, and 100 points by following on Twitter. You do this by clicking on any product on the website, then click on the social media icon to earn the points. You must login to see the social icons.

That’s it!

Note: If you have any query, tap on the Whatsapp button to ask your question.

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